November 2017

High Mountain Youth Project Program Manager Named

High Mountain Youth Project is pleased to announce that Mr. Ted Allen has been hired as the part-time Program Manager for its Drop-in center. Ted has been committed to providing positive youth and community development activities in New Mexico for nearly thirty years. He has studied extensively in the fields of human services, psychology and education and has participated in a multitude of professional training courses in similar disciplines. Currently, and for the last six and a half years, Ted has been a Youth Worker and Grant Administrator for the Assurance Home in Roswell, NM. The Assurance Home is a private, non-profit facility that provides a safe, stable and loving home environment for abused, neglected, runaway, and homeless youth aged 12 – 18. Male and female residents live at the home on a small campus on either a short-term shelter or long-term group home status. His responsibilities include direct supervision of residents in activities of daily living, including personal and social communication skills, hygiene, daily chores and responsibilities, school readiness, work readiness and overall coaching for resident success. While working at the Assurance Home in Roswell, Ted has also been the Lincoln County Juvenile Justice Board Coordinator for Lincoln County, NM since 2014. He is responsible for overseeing and coordinating six programs for at-risk and juvenile justice involved youth in Lincoln County, including Girls Circle, Boys Council, Citation Program, Restorative Justice, Trauma Assessment and Intensive Community Monitoring. The Juvenile Justice Board promotes positive youth development, healthy communication, pathway planning and service leadership activities for youth in our area. High Mountain Youth Project wants to thank all of the individuals who submitted an application for the part-time Program Manager position.

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