Meet Our Staff


Barbara Whipple - Program Manager

For over thirty years, Barbara Whipple has been working in the areas of intervention, prevention and treatment.  She earned an undergraduate degree of Science in Sociology and later a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling, while holding certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and a Master Addictions Counselor.  Barbara began her career with the West Virginia Department of Corrections writing psychological evaluations for the court while developing and implementing a wide variety of intervention and treatment programming.  At the same time, she taught basic education skills and GED programming for the West Virginia Department of Education within the prison system.  Barbara wrote and implemented a program entitled “Life After Prison Skills” which later became the basis for an ongoing life skills program.  In 1997, she was awarded Support Person of the Year by the Southern States Correctional Association.  Also in 1997, she came to Ruidoso and has worked in various organizations providing educational programming as well as substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment programming.  Barbara has volunteered and served on non-profit boards, written and implemented grants and been involved in a wide variety of community wellness projects.

Barbara has two children and three amazing grandchildren. She retired in 2017, but found she wanted to do more.  In November, she accepted the position of Program Assistant.  She views HMYP as one of the most amazing resources for adolescents she has seen during her career and truly believes the services can make a marked difference in increasing community wellness.