March 13

March 13 mtg with HEAL

From left to right, HEAL founders Angie Schneider, Cynthia Culbertson and Deb Haines-Nix.  At far right is Steve Duffy who moderated the discussion.

HEAL founders were asked to meet with members of the High Mountain Youth Project (HMYP) to share information about their experience in starting the NEST.  On Sunday, March 13th, three of the original founders spent an afternoon with members of HMYP at Sanctuary on the River, providing an informal panel discussion to share their journey in establishing the NEST.   Mr. Steve Duffy introduced the panelists and provided some of the history in the establishment of the NEST.  The founders were extremely gracious in providing information about the challenges and pitfalls that they encountered, the development of their Board of Directors and how they set about finding the current NEST location.  They also discussed how to best use “modeling” of similar projects in the development of a new program such as HMYP’s drop-in center and shelter for homeless teens in Lincoln County.  The founders discussed funding opportunities that might be available to High Mountain and offered names and political offices that may be of assistance.


As so eloquently offered by Cynthia Culbertson, “….Organizations like HEAL and HMYP serve to remind us that, even though we live in a world with constant challenges, the human spirit is enduring, and when individuals in a community join together with passion and love, they can forever change the lives of others”.

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