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High Mountain Youth Project (HMYP) is pleased to announce that the Evening Drop-In Center will open its doors to students aged 14 to 19 from 4-9 pm, 7 days a week, beginning in November 2016. HMYP will rely greatly on volunteers from our community to make the drop-in center a success.

Volunteers are needed for the following:

• Coordinate volunteers
• Coordinate programs
• Assist with developing programs
• Supervise recreation time, free time, or computer time
• Supervise meal time
• Help with homework
• Counsel students (for those who are licensed)
• Teach a skill or craft on Saturdays

To work directly with students, individuals must submit to a background check, fingerprinting, and attend training.

Support the students in other ways by:

• Providing hot meals or snacks on a regular basis
• Grocery shopping
• Helping with maintenance and repair (handyman)
• Housekeeping
• Data collection
• Adopting a room (providing linens, furniture, or other items)
• Adopting the house for a month by making a rent payment)
• Donating a vehicle to help with transporting students to work and other activities
• Making a one-time donation or a sustaining donation

Send a brief description of how you would like to volunteer, including your name, email address and phone number to: info@HighMountainYouth.org or mail to:

High Mountain Youth Project
P.O. Box 2646 | Ruidoso, NM 88355

Consider participating in one of the many committees that make up our group:

Those who are chairing or heading up the groups are indicated with an asterik*. If you recognize someone, please don't hesitate to email them to receive additional information about the HMYP or the committee on which they serve.

Fund Raising:

Roy Benavides*, Pam Tomlin, Sally Burkstaller

Drop In Center:

Beverly Holt*, Jim Holt, Rita Combs, Rory Combs, Karin Hamilton, Sally Burkstaller, JoAnn Griffin


Rory Combs*, JoAnn Griffin, Gina Langley, Laurie Benavides, Rita Combs, Luisa Rodgriguez, Julie Every, Melissa Gebhart, Kelly Robbins,


Laurie Benavides, Kelly Robbins, Leon Kranz


Leon Kranz*,  Luisia Rodriguez


  1. Jennifer Johnson I would love to coordinate (1) day where I can come help in the afternoon with Math Homework. My schedule would allow the following (1 Day) Monday from 5:30-7:30 or Tuesday from 4:30-6:30 Wednesday from 4:00-6:00 Let me know if any of these times would fit your schedules. Thank you for your time:) Jennifer 575-808-3077
  2. Gabriela Diaz Hi I'm Gabi from ruidoso high school. One of my teachers brought this project to my class's attention at school and we have a big group of students who would like to be a part of this organization and help out as much as we can and raise awareness for it. We were just wondering what the best way would be to go about fundraising, coordinating activities and just volunteering. Please let me know how we can get started!

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