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High Mountain Youth Project (HMYP) is pleased to announce that the Evening Drop-In Center will open its doors to students aged 14 to 19 from 4-9 pm, 7 days a week, beginning in November 2016. HMYP will rely greatly on volunteers from our community to make the drop-in center a success.

Volunteers are needed for the following:

• Coordinate volunteers
• Coordinate programs
• Assist with developing programs
• Supervise recreation time, free time, or computer time
• Supervise meal time
• Help with homework
• Counsel students (for those who are licensed)
• Teach a skill or craft on Saturdays

To work directly with students, individuals must submit to a background check, fingerprinting, and attend training.

Support the students in other ways by:

• Providing hot meals or snacks on a regular basis
• Grocery shopping
• Helping with maintenance and repair (handyman)
• Housekeeping
• Data collection
• Adopting a room (providing linens, furniture, or other items)
• Adopting the house for a month by making a rent payment)
• Donating a vehicle to help with transporting students to work and other activities
• Making a one-time donation or a sustaining donation

Send a brief description of how you would like to volunteer, including your name, email address and phone number to: info@HighMountainYouth.org or mail to:

High Mountain Youth Project
P.O. Box 2646 | Ruidoso, NM 88355

Consider participating in one of the many committees that make up our group:

Those who are chairing or heading up the groups are indicated with an asterik*. If you recognize someone, please don't hesitate to email them to receive additional information about the HMYP or the committee on which they serve.

Fund Raising:

Roy Benavides*, Pam Tomlin, Sally Burkstaller

Drop In Center:

Beverly Holt*, Jim Holt, Rita Combs, Rory Combs, Karin Hamilton, Sally Burkstaller, JoAnn Griffin


Rory Combs*, JoAnn Griffin, Gina Langley, Laurie Benavides, Rita Combs, Luisa Rodgriguez, Julie Every, Melissa Gebhart, Kelly Robbins,


Laurie Benavides, Kelly Robbins, Leon Kranz


Leon Kranz*,  Luisia Rodriguez

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